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We are data scientists, engineers, genetic counselors and physicians re-imagining how genetic counseling can help unlock the full potential of genomics in healthcare

About us

Transforming Patient Care Through Genomics Expertise

DNAvisit was founded with the strong conviction that proper understanding and incorporation of genetics can make an enormous impact on patient care. We partner with organizations to support them in unlocking the full potential of genomics in their unique workflows.

By embracing a technology-driven approach, we are able to provide unmatched quality and cost-effectiveness in our services. With a track record of supporting 150,000+ genetic tests since our inception, DNAvisit remains committed to consistently surprising partners with our ability to enhance patient care and simultaneously bolster their financial performance.
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Leadership Team

Ahmed El-kalliny, MS, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Jaime Barea, MD, FACMG
Chief Medical Officer
Archil Kublashvili, MS
Chief Technology Officer
Heather Wetzel, MS, LCGC
Genetic Counseling Director
experienced clinicians

Clinicians at your service

Our rapidly growing team of 20+ clinicians is made up of genetic counselors and pharmacists with an average of 10 years experience, covering the areas of:
Cancer Genetics
Direct-to-consumer Genetics
Reproductive Genetics
Cardiac Genetics
Adult and Pediatric Genetics
Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing
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Clinical Advisory Board

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA
Surgeon & Healthcare Technologist
Safwan Halabi, MD
Pediatric Radiologist & Associate Professor, Stanford
Mark Ziats, MD, PhD
Internist & Geneticist