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Remote Consultations

Members can enjoy the convenience of having their genetic information reviewed and their questions answered from the comfort of their own home.

Open Line of Communication

Our chat platforms offers an open and direct line of communication between members and our clinicians.

AI-Enhanced Medical Reviews

Leveraging AI-enhanced technology, our clinicians efficiently review member results and medical records, providing them with the most pertinent information.
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Configurable & transparent pricing

Billed quarterly
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Billed quarterly
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Provider-of-Record Services
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Licensed Medical Doctors in all 50 states available for tests that are not being billed to insurance.
Medical records review and clinical summary letter.
$45/patient + $50/consult
$35/patient + $45/consult
Online chat and clinical summary letter.
$45/patient +$50/consult
$35/patient + $45/consult
Health 360 AI Insights
This Genetic Counseling Studio feature automatically generates insights from patients' medical records. Pre-defined prompts can be configured based on the desired use case.
Clinician-to-Clinician Support
Supporting patient's physician for up to 60 days.
Genetic Counseling Studio
Provider and client portal.
Co-branding is included by default for all communication.
API Access
Pre-Test, Post-Test and calendar APIs.
Health Exchange Access
Access to medical records for >250 million individuals
Variant Classification Tracking
Ongoing monitoring includes complimentary daily variant classification tracking. Includes lab, provider and patient communication for any updated classifications.
Custom Branding
Options available for white-labeling email communication, scheduling, consultation note and digital counseling communication (e.g. chat iframe).
Fractional GC
A dedicated genetic counselor to support your account. Includes 1 hr/week and supervision by a Medical Geneticist.
Digital Assessments (e.g. NCCN, Tyrer-Cuzick)
Monitoring & Ongoing Care Plans
Access a Pharmacist via online chat for 12 months. Includes GPT-4 assisted prescription & medication review every 6 months.
Service to include yearly medication therapy management review call.
Chat access also extended to the genetic counselor, and medical records review every 6 months.
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Effortless Patient Identification & Medical Data Integration

With access to a network of >10 million genomic records amongst our lab partner network, patient identification is a breeze.

Instantly incorporate all relevant patient medical records via our health exchange access covering >300 million individuals and instantly identify relevant insights through our Health AI Studio.

Custom-configured prompts against patient records can be as broad or specific as required to help with both the clinical trial screening and ongoing data collection.
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